Friday, July 24, 2009

Made My Day!

Well I was out doing laundry (no we don't have a washer or dryer, I wouldn't do hubby's stinky work clothes at home anyways) working on a current project when this lady looks at me and asks "you knit?". I smiled and waited for the puzzled look and the ever present hm, but instead she said "I crochet". Oh joy I wasn't going to have to defend my self. I informed her that I too crochet, she asked me questions about what I was working on and I showed her how to cast on since she said she has knitted before but had forgotten how. I also showed how to do the cable stitches I was working (new found love), and we talked a little more. Unfortunately our clothes were dry and hubby needed to get ready for work so I had to leave, but it felt so nice to meet someone who did not think i was weird for knitting and crocheting in public.

In pattern news I am still working on the dress pattern, its not hard I am just trying to balance it with finishing my other WIP's. The socks are going great, slow but great. I have decided to add cables to the sides once I get past the heel. I am knitting these two at a time toe up on a magic loop, since these are my first fingering weight socks in my size (10w ) and only my 4th pair total its slow going. I am also making hubby a pair of house socks since that is the only kind of hand knit socks he will wear, he is sock picky.

I am a big believer in giving to others in need, so I am going to be working on charity projects on top of my million other projects on my to-do list. The current project to be given is lapghans for the hospice my mom works at. She just got the job and decided she would crochet a couple of blankets to comfort her patients. She asked me to help her with getting a deal on yarn (I am an avid craft store coupon clipper) so i tole not only will i help get the yarn I will work on a couple myself. I just don't know when to quit, I am masochistic I know but I just couldn't resist. I love doing things for others. So now here is the current list of projects and their time lines.

-my socks (winter)
-hubby socks (winter)
-kiddlets dress (very soon)
-12" granny square lapghan 9 more squares (within the month)
-knitted cabled lapghan (within the month)
-Dotees 3 of them for a swap (Aug 10th)
-finish spinning first ever sock yarn (soon i hope its been 6 months)

Well that's all for now next week ill tell you all about hubby's new job, you are going to love it! (evil smile)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Crochet.....Yep, Yep!

The one this that always helps me when I stress is my crocheting. I have been crocheting on and off since I was around 8, and just got back into it a couple of years ago. I have since picked up knitting and bought a sewing machine, but I still prefer to crochet. You will see alot of my projects on here (one of the main reasons for this blog) and I will start with the 2 dresses I just finished for my little monkey (no not a real monkey silly, my little one). Oh and please excuse the mess we are sorting through her 200 stuffed animals and they are everywhere!!

The yellow and green one is from a online pattern I found, and the multi colored one it from my own head. I am currently revising the pattern, and hope to have it up here later this week.

That's all for now, and maybe later something fun will happen. (runs off to chase down half naked 3 year old with my cell phone)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life is Just Starting!

I will start by introducing myself, I am Sabra and I am finally getting my life in order. I am a crocheter who sometime knits and rarely sews. I am in my mid twenties an have a three year old daughter. I finally got married this summer after three long years and I am about to start my second semester as a college student. I plan to use this blog as kind of a release, and to celebrate my accomplishments as I tackle all the new things going on in my life. You may at times find me a little strange...lords knows I do, so don't be surprised if something makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever!