Friday, July 24, 2009

Made My Day!

Well I was out doing laundry (no we don't have a washer or dryer, I wouldn't do hubby's stinky work clothes at home anyways) working on a current project when this lady looks at me and asks "you knit?". I smiled and waited for the puzzled look and the ever present hm, but instead she said "I crochet". Oh joy I wasn't going to have to defend my self. I informed her that I too crochet, she asked me questions about what I was working on and I showed her how to cast on since she said she has knitted before but had forgotten how. I also showed how to do the cable stitches I was working (new found love), and we talked a little more. Unfortunately our clothes were dry and hubby needed to get ready for work so I had to leave, but it felt so nice to meet someone who did not think i was weird for knitting and crocheting in public.

In pattern news I am still working on the dress pattern, its not hard I am just trying to balance it with finishing my other WIP's. The socks are going great, slow but great. I have decided to add cables to the sides once I get past the heel. I am knitting these two at a time toe up on a magic loop, since these are my first fingering weight socks in my size (10w ) and only my 4th pair total its slow going. I am also making hubby a pair of house socks since that is the only kind of hand knit socks he will wear, he is sock picky.

I am a big believer in giving to others in need, so I am going to be working on charity projects on top of my million other projects on my to-do list. The current project to be given is lapghans for the hospice my mom works at. She just got the job and decided she would crochet a couple of blankets to comfort her patients. She asked me to help her with getting a deal on yarn (I am an avid craft store coupon clipper) so i tole not only will i help get the yarn I will work on a couple myself. I just don't know when to quit, I am masochistic I know but I just couldn't resist. I love doing things for others. So now here is the current list of projects and their time lines.

-my socks (winter)
-hubby socks (winter)
-kiddlets dress (very soon)
-12" granny square lapghan 9 more squares (within the month)
-knitted cabled lapghan (within the month)
-Dotees 3 of them for a swap (Aug 10th)
-finish spinning first ever sock yarn (soon i hope its been 6 months)

Well that's all for now next week ill tell you all about hubby's new job, you are going to love it! (evil smile)

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